LYL: spice-crusted tuna

Hooray for the last fish recipe for January! How was your spice-crusted tuna? Did you opt to try the mango chatini on top, or plain, or something else? Leave your links here. Happy Friday! P.S. If you haven’t nominated recipes for February yet, please do it here.

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Nominations for February

Well, we’re coming into the home stretch! February 6 is already selected, but we need to pick 3 more recipes for the remainder of the month. Refer to the list to see what we haven’t made yet. We know January was a fishy month, but if you look at the list, almost half of what’s […]

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This week we’re making fish! Some of you are really excited about that, huh. It’s Spice-crusted Tuna and can be adorned with Mango Chatini (page 489) if you so desire. Any problems, concerns, suggestions or ideas, let us know. This recipe competes our fish for the month of January.

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LYL: curried mussels

This is the final mussel recipe of our journey. How did curried mussels go over at your table? We can guess what the Bills thought, but what about everyone else? Leave your links here! Happy French Friday!

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LYL: Arman’s Caviar in Aspic

It’s not Shark Week, but it’s another installment in French Fridays Fish Month aka January 2015. This might be one of the most “challenging” recipes in the book. There’s word that some Doristas interpreted this one liberally, so let’s see what you came up with! Share your links here. Happy Fishy Friday!

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  We have good news to share. For the past month Betsy, Trevor, Laurie and Mary have been discussing a FFWD/Dorista recipe for the future. We think we’re putting together the ingredients for a successful result. This group will definitely continue so no more sad faces. We are working on design enhancements for our home […]

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P&Q’s: Arman’s Caviar in Aspic

Hmmmmmm, let’s talk.  Caviar, Aspic, FFWD. What are your questions, concerns, suggestions, techniques, and thoughts. How many of you even like caviar? Is it an acquired taste like oysters? (But, oyster are cheaper to purchase while you’re going about the acquiring, right?)  Good luck this week, Doristas.

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LYL: simplest breton fish soup

Happy New Year 2015, Doristas! Welcome to week #1 of the fishiest January we’ve shared to date. Leave your simplest fish soup links here.

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January Schedule

Happy New Year everyone!!!! It’s going to be a very fishy month. Note that as a concession to Mardi, we broke the tie by choosing Croquants as a break from all this fish. However, let’s start February with the other contender in tied position, Winter Ceviche, since this is the last winter we’ll be cooking […]

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Vote for Recipes for the rest of January

Next week is the Simplest Breton Fish Soup (p96), but we still have to pick recipes for the rest of the month. Please vote before Tuesday night. Schedule will be posted on Wednesday 12/31/14. We’re in the home stretch! Thanks!

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