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This week we’re making fish! Some of you are really excited about that, huh. It’s Spice-crusted Tuna and can be adorned with Mango Chatini (page 489) if you so desire. Any problems, concerns, suggestions or ideas, let us know. This recipe competes our fish for the month of January.

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  We have good news to share. For the past month Betsy, Trevor, Laurie and Mary have been discussing a FFWD/Dorista recipe for the future. We think we’re putting together the ingredients for a successful result. This group will definitely continue so no more sad faces. We are working on design enhancements for our home […]

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P&Q’s: Arman’s Caviar in Aspic

Hmmmmmm, let’s talk.  Caviar, Aspic, FFWD. What are your questions, concerns, suggestions, techniques, and thoughts. How many of you even like caviar? Is it an acquired taste like oysters? (But, oyster are cheaper to purchase while you’re going about the acquiring, right?)  Good luck this week, Doristas.

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P&Q: Orange & Olive Salad

Any comments, questions, suggestions, or thoughts, this is the place. Have a good week, Everyone.

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ALERT: Santa is making the December Picks

Good Evening, Doristas & Trevor,  We’ve just had a Text from the North Pole that Santa Claus and Mrs. Santa Claus want to choose our December recipes. Both Betsy and I gave the Elves our approval about this idea. Betsy is awaiting  North Pole notification of the Claus’ choices and  will post as soon as […]

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P&Q: Storzapretis

From both Liz’s and Mardi’s posts on Facebook, this looks like a challenging week. I hope Mardi and Liz will re-post their suggestions here so those of us who do not belong to Facebook can read also. Anyone with suggestions, questions, or advice, please do so here. For those of you enduring  the cold, snowy, […]

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P&Q: Pan-seared Duck Breasts with Kumquats

Sooooo, I already have a problem. No kumquats. Per Kathy, I will try to look for preserved kumquats. However, we have a huge snowstorm coming in today so I might not be able to get to Whole Foods and more exotic speciality food stores down valley. Any suggestions for a substitution? If any of you […]

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P&Q: Jerusalem Artichoke Soup with Parsley Coulis

Since we’ve rallied around the Jerusalem Artichoke last month, maybe you won’t have any problems, questions, concerns, observations or technique clues. But, if you do, just leave your comments here. Have a good week everyone.

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I needed to make a special-order with Whole Foods to get my Osso Buco this week. And, I also needed to be reminded to get a P&Q up for this week’s recipe choice. (Sorry, Mardi) Any problems, concerns, questions, advice, treasured techniques to try, just leave it all here.

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NEWS: From Betsy & Mary

Good Morning FFWD Colleagues, Betsy and I were told about this change of plans about 3 weeks ago but were asked not to say anything to anyone until the announcement was made by Laurie and Dorie.  We are very disappointed, of course, but support Dorie in whatever she chooses to do. Please get your arms […]

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