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LYL: Holiday Card/Recipe Exchange or Makeup

It will be a bit of a post-holiday hodgepodge today. Some of you have chosen a makeup recipe and others have chosen a recipe enclosed in the annual card exchange. Let’s see what you’ve got! Happy New Year 2015!

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January Nominations

We’ve got you covered for the first Friday in January 2015, but we need to choose 4 more recipes to round out the rest of the month. We realize most of you are in the final throes of holiday preparations, but if you could take a few minutes this week to nominate some recipes for […]

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Game Plan for 12/26 Post

Alright everyone, the recipe exchange post goes live next Friday! Dec 26th!! So we need to know who is publishing which recipe!! Of all the recipes you received, please leave a note here with which recipe(s) you have chosen to make! Our goal is to make each of the recipes that were sent in the […]

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LYL: Orange & Olive Salad

Two ventures into Moroccan territory in two weeks. How did you like the second trip? Leave your links here. Merry Christmas, Doristas!!!!

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LYL: Lamb & Dried Apricot Tagine

Did the lamb and dried apricot tagine transport you to more exotic places? Did you make the same mistake as Dorie (and Tammy) of letting the aroma drive you nuts while the tagine cooked? Leave your links here!

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LYL: Tartine de Viande des Grisons

Happy December! Before the chaos sets in, we’re starting off with a simple recipe. How was your tartine? Leave your link here.

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LYL: Béatrix’s Red Kuri Soup

We hope everyone who celebrates the holiday had a delicious Thanksgiving.   Did you find the elusive red kuri squash?  How did your soup turn out?  Did you serve Béatrix’s Soup for Thanksgiving? Leave your links here to let us know.  

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December Schedule (Santa’s Choices)

The reindeer dropped off the December (and first week of January) lineup late last night.  They must have dropped the note down the chimney because I found it in the fireplace. “Dear Doristas (and Trevor): We think you’ll enjoy the following choices for December.  Feel free to leave us samples by the hearth on Christmas […]

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LYL: storzapretis

This week’s challenge seemed to present some challenges.  Hopefully it was worth the trouble and you enjoyed the storzapretis.  Leave your links here!

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LYL: pan-seared duck breasts with kumquats

Were you able to find kumquats?  How did you enjoy the final AMFT variation on seared duck breasts?  Which was your favorite of the three (honey-glazed, peaches, or kumquats)?  Leave your links here.  Quack!

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