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P&Q: : Next-day Beef Salad

If you recall, last Fall I made Next-day Beef Salad as a “make-up recipe.”  Never call the Doristas slow on the trigger, albeit forgiving. You all quickly reminded me that we had not made this dish. But, with the knowledge of having goofed, I can tell you that this is a delicious salad. I’m surprised […]

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P&Q’s – Veal Marengo

I think we will agree that the last month or two or three has been rather challenging. Betsy and I want to commend you for hanging in there with FFWD and either making the recipe choice or doing Make-ups. We appreciate your enthusiasm and loyalty. Plus, the good news is, we are veering away from […]

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P&Q’s: cabbage and foie gras bundles

Already hearing some thoughts about this week’s recipe choice. Cabbage. Foie Gras. Say what? Leave you remarks of any kind here.

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P&Q: Riviera Fish Soup

Surprise, surprise, another fish Friday coming up. I ready to hop on the Team Mardi bus. I’m over fish. For a few weeks. Any questions, thoughts, ideas, problems, let us know. We’ll try to help.

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Note February Schedule Change!

You all requested lobster for Valentine’s Day. Then I messed up the date and put it on the closest Friday, but not after. You’re all so polite, you didn’t point out that it wouldn’t work. We’ve swapped the Chicken Couscous and Lobster so you can serve ON Valentine’s Day and post the following Friday. Sorry […]

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P&Q: French Lentils

This week we’re the Ladies of the Lentils brigade.  Hopefully you’ll all find these little green darlings in your local grocery story. Let’s just say this week is ea$ier on the pocketbook (Do we even have pocketbooks anymore?) than the chanterelles. If you have anything to say, here’s the place. Have a good week.

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P&Q: Chanterelles with Napa and Nuts

Hello Everyone,  It’s Tuesday and I finally located chanterelles. Are you having any luck? Substitutions? Suggestions? Ideas? Whatever you have to say about this fungus that smells like apricots, leave it here. Medical Alert: If you gathered your fungus from the Wilds, please be sure none are poisonous. There are look-alikes out there.

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P & Q: Quiche Maraichère

Time to step away from the tasty cake we had last week and move on to quiche. I probably will bake it tomorrow so if anyone has suggestions, tips or advice, leave it here. Any questions? Any problems? This is the place.

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LYL: butter and rum crepes, plain and fancy

Crepes! Hopefully less divided than last week. How did you serve them? Plain? Fancy? Filling? Sauce? Do tell. Leave your links here. And while you are here, don’t forget to nominate March recipes here. Voting will start Saturday. Happy Friday!

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P&Q: Baked Apples Filled with Fruit and Nuts

Whoops, I am sorry, Doristas, I got a week ahead of myself. I was so excited after hearing that Andrea was on-the-mend that I lost my head!  We’re doing apples this week. Any problems, concerns, tips, questions, just ask. We’ll deal with the soups next week unless Betsy and Laurie fire me for being incompetent.

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