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September Nominations

Wow, the French Friday community hasn’t voted on our recipes since May. Let’s bring nominations and voting back. Please leave your nominations in the comments below. We’ll collect nominations through the weekend, until Sunday night. Monday, we’ll start voting on the top contenders until Wednesday, with the September recipes to be posted next Thursday, August […]

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June Nominations

It’s hard to believe we’re already halfway through with May’s recipes. Time to think about next month. Leave nominations here until Wednesday night. We’ll get the poll up Thursday and vote through the weekend. We’ll post the June schedule next Monday morning. Let the nominations roll. (You can refer to this list for recipes we […]

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May Nominations!

What do you want to make in May? I think we need to be making some fish. If you look at the fish chapter alone, there aren’t many recipes left, but there are fish appetizers, soups, and snacks that you have been avoiding… Friday May 16 is Food Revolution Day. Ambassador Mardi Michels will be […]

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Time for April Nominations

Please leave your nominations for April’s recipes. Nominations will remain open until Wednesday night, then voting through the weekend. April schedule will go up next Monday. Thanks!

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March Recipe Nominations!

It is definitely time to THINK SPRING! I’m sure Cher and our other Northeast Doristas are on board with that thought. There are 4 Fridays in March. Leave your nominations below. I’ll get the poll for voting up on Saturday 2/22, voting will close Monday 2/24 with March schedule posted next Tuesday 2/25. You can […]

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Nominations for February 2014

How is it possible that we are more than halfway through January already? That means, we need to decide what we’re making on February’s Fridays tout de suite. There are four Fridays in February. Check the list of recipes yet to make and nominate your contenders below. Schedule: Nominations until Wednesday night 1/22. Voting until […]

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January 2014 Nominations

Another month is cooking by… Time to plan for the next one. Please leave your January nominations in the comments. We’ll take nominations until Wednesday night. Voting will be Thursday thru Saturday. January schedule will be posted on Sunday December 22. As always, you can refer to the list of recipes we haven’t made yet […]

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December Nominations

Hi Doristas! It’s time to nominate December’s recipes! Leave your suggestions here until Tuesday night. Then we’ll vote through Friday, posting the December schedule on Saturday. Mary and I have a special Admins Choice up our sleeve. We’ll let you know what it is when the voting begins.

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Nominations for November

It’s that time again… It seems like we are always suggesting and voting, but we’re halfway through the month already. There are 5 Fridays next month, so put on your thinking caps (and refer to our handy list of recipes not yet selected) to nominate recipes for November.   Mary and I will probably select one […]

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October Nominations

Even though the IFBC excitement has thrown the nomination/voting schedule for October’s recipes off track, I still want to get the next month’s schedule out before Friday. Here’s what we are going to do this time around: Nominations for October are open immediately. Leave your nominated recipes in the comments on this post until Tuesday […]

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