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P&Q’s: Chicken in a Pot – the Garlic and Lemon Version

It’s time to cook the cover, Everyone,  and I hope you all will participate. I made this recipe a week ago and loved it. I followed the recipe as Dorie wrote it and even had a screwdriver at the ready. Have fun with this one. But, if you have problems, issues, concerns or tips, please […]

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P & Q: Cheesecake Tart

I suspect some of you have already made this week’s Cheesecake Tart. If you have any advice, please share it with us. And, for those of you who haven’t made it yet, any problems, questions, concerns, this is the place. Have a good week, Everyone.

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P&Q: Sardine Escabeche

Okay, my friends, it’s another week of fish.  Sardine Escabeche. The sardine, a  small saltwater fish with soft bones and Mediterranean origins. Escabeche. according to Dorie, a dish of marinated fish. I suspect you have comments and questions and thoughts and technique ideas. This is the place. Enjoy.

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P & Q’s: Côte d’Azur Cure-all Soup

We’re into this final countdown for the P&Q link also. This week we’re making a cure-all soup. Anything you want to know or ask or write about it, let us know here.

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P&Q: Vanilla-Butter Braised Lobster

Many of you already made this for Valentine’s Day. But, if you still have questions, suggestions, thoughts, ideas, leave them here. I am anxious to read your Posts on Friday.

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P&Q: Chicken Couscous

Although Betsy and I had a personal request from Mardi to substitute another fish recipe this week, Betsy and I flat out turned her down and are sticking with Chicken Couscous. I am making this dish tomorrow and have all kinds of spices on deck to torment one poor little chicken. If anyone has suggestions, […]

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This week we’re making fish! Some of you are really excited about that, huh. It’s Spice-crusted Tuna and can be adorned with Mango Chatini (page 489) if you so desire. Any problems, concerns, suggestions or ideas, let us know. This recipe competes our fish for the month of January.

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P&Q’s: Arman’s Caviar in Aspic

Hmmmmmm, let’s talk.  Caviar, Aspic, FFWD. What are your questions, concerns, suggestions, techniques, and thoughts. How many of you even like caviar? Is it an acquired taste like oysters? (But, oyster are cheaper to purchase while you’re going about the acquiring, right?)  Good luck this week, Doristas.

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P&Q: Orange & Olive Salad

Any comments, questions, suggestions, or thoughts, this is the place. Have a good week, Everyone.

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P&Q: Storzapretis

From both Liz’s and Mardi’s posts on Facebook, this looks like a challenging week. I hope Mardi and Liz will re-post their suggestions here so those of us who do not belong to Facebook can read also. Anyone with suggestions, questions, or advice, please do so here. For those of you enduring  the cold, snowy, […]

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